©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7492

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7489

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7494

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7487

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7482

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7486

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7496

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7498

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7504

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7511

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7505

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7514

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7525

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7529

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7530

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7531

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7534

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7539

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7540

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7553

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7544

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7563

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7564

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7565

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7578

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7576

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7580

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7582

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7589

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7587

©Tommaso Carmassi_DSC7600

Events, Roma

Siamo sulla stessa barca – Progetto “Accoglienza” – ©Tommaso Carmassi


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